Q. What is included in the price?untitled-1
A. Everything, except your domain name.Nevertheless , you can book a domain with us for free.
example: dreamweddingsite.com/maria_george

Q. Do I pay extra for hosting fees?
A. No, we host your site for 1 year, counting from your order!

Q. What if I want hosting for more than a year?
A. We charge 80$/extra.year

Q. What type of photos can I upload on my site?
A.  We support any type of photos you wish

Q. What if I don’t have photos to upload?
A.  We can help you choose from thousands of relevant pictures, no extra fees charged!

Q. What is the “share” on the menu?
A.  After the wedding/event, you request from your guests to upload any photo from the event, after this you send a notice to us, and a gallery with your photo/memories is installed on the site in no time!

Q. How long will it take for my site to go live (up and running)?
A. Next Business day of your order!

Q. What if I want customization on my site (new features, layout…)?
A.  We can implement any request, we deliver only premium quality and results, extra fees apply.

Q. Why should I choose your service?
A.  Because you love it, you shouldn’t if you don’t, its easy

Q. What languages do you support?
A.  Any language is supported; you give as the “menu” on your preferred language.

Q. Can I change the logo logo ?
A.  You can change the names (off course). If you have another logo you want, you deliver and we upload it for you!

Q. Can I change the “rsvp” form?
A. Yes, just request the extra fields or changes you need.

Q. Will my site play smooth on all devices?
A. Absolutely, its is full responsive designed.

Q. The site I see now live is from a true wedding?
A. Yes, a beloved couple in Greece, it was our gift to for their wedding, and this idea became a project! The photos were taken from a drone on the island of Kimolos/Greece!

Q. Can I use my site for another event?
A. Off course, party, social events, business meetings…anything.